Do You Have The Balls To Play Golf With A Callaway Golf Ball?

From its humble beginnings, Callaway golf now boasts of a lineup of golf equipment that forms part of the items owned by every golfer. When it first began, Callaway golf only offered golf clubs, but its huge success caused it to provide more than just golf clubs. Now, Callaway golf offers just about every equipment that a golfer could ever want or need.

When golf was invented in Scotland, the golf balls were hard wooden round balls made from beech and box trees and were made by carpenters of the day. It would then evolve to become the feathery ball, which is a hand-sewn leather pouch with chicken and goose feathers stuffed inside.

GolfThe introduction of dimples changed the game again. It was discovered that having dimples and making them concave will result in a more controlled flight, trajectory and spin. Prior to standardization, golf ball makers designed different golf balls with different dimple designs to try and look for the perfect design that would give the best control.

Throughout the years, the golf ball has seen tremendous changes, from being made of the sap of the Malaysian Sapodilla tree (guttie) to resin and finally rubber.

The R&A and the USGA specified that for a golf ball to be official, its diameter could not be any smaller than 1.680 inches. Similarly, the weight of the ball could not exceed 1.620 ounces. It must be spherically symmetrical and have symmetrical dimples on the surface.

Callaway did not start making golf balls until 1996. From then on, the company would become the best at producing golf balls that optimize aerodynamics.

Callaway golf offers three golf ball categories: the Callaway golf Balls, the HEX Chrome Plus and the Strata Golf Balls. These golf balls come in pink and yellow.

Its flagship golf balls, the Speed Regime, are specially designed for golfers with exquisite taste. The Speed Regime Golf Balls are available for $47.99. The Speed Regime 1 is perfect for moderate swingers who clock in at an average of 90mph and under.

For tour level control and superior spin, the Speed Regime 2 is the perfect ball. This golf ball is made specifically for golfers who have a swing speed of 90 to 105mph.

For the hard swingers who are swinging at 105mph and above, the Speed Regime 3 is the golf ball of choice. The HEX pattern, specifically designed to reduce drag at high speeds, produces a long and stable ball flight, resulting in more distance. Most professional golfers, having swing speeds that fall in this average, typically prefer the Speed Regime 3.

Golf ballsThe last ball offered by Callaway is the X2 Hot Golf Ball. This golf ball is ideal for golfers who swing at an average of 90mph and below. The aerodynamic fit of the X2 Hot Golf Ball allows swing speeds in this category to travel at a higher speed and have optimized lift and drag, fewer hooks and evens fewer slices. The X2 Hot Golf Ball is available for $26.99.

The HEX Chrome Plus unlocks maximum distance and increases ball speed by making use of an ultra-fast core. This type of golf ball is applicable for all swing speeds. It is most known as having little or no run out when thrown into the ball or stopped.

For a more basic golf ball, the Strata Tour Advanced Golf Balls is the right choice. Its unique blend of ionomers provides excellent control and aerodynamics for even greater distance at lower swing speeds. This is the preferred golf ball of beginners and those who are just starting to get the feel of the game.

No matter what type of player you are, whether a beginner, amateur or a professional, and no matter how high or low your swing speed is, Callaway makes sure that they have a golf ball just for you. If you want to play at your absolute best, and then make sure that your golf ball is from Callaway.

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