Most Common Design Mistakes in PCB Assembly

PCB assemblyIn the process of PCB assembly, technicians may encounter several problems, whether they are working in a large or a small electronics company. An effective PCB assembly needs a unified discussion between fabricators, manufacturers and designers to make high-quality printed circuit boards and deliver them to various shops. Mistakes in circuit designs may cause severe problems to the entire board. If the products with design mistakes reach the market, they may be considered as substandard items.

Common design mistakes may be caused by technical design or operational errors made during the process of PCB assembly. Here are five common mistakes that you must avoid.

1.Flex Cracking

A flex crack happens when the printed circuit board has been bent too much below the ceramic chip capacitor. This capacitor cannot endure too much stress as it is naturally brittle. To prevent this from happening, you need to use large capacitors for large PCBs. Usually, unintentional dropping of heavy items on the capacitor may cause excessive pressure, which can cause flex to crack.In this process, you must utilize a ceramic chip capacitor that can withstand the stress during the assembly. It must be durable and will not easily break.

2.  Measuring the working environment

It is a common mistake for any PCB designer to fail in estimating the environment, wherein the board will be placed after the assembly. Several companies will not include assessment of the performance environment to reduce expenses.
Any designer must consider several environmental factors – humidity, temperature, and space. When the materials utilized and design requirements are insufficient, then the final circuit board will not function successfully.

3.  Insufficient interaction

A quick turn PCB assembly needs adequate interaction between the designers, manufacturers and fabricators. Usually, the designers will outsource their boards from a different manufacturing company due to cheaper costs in the production and manpower. The people behind the production of printed circuit boards should have a constant discussion to have a flawless delivery of high-quality products.


Faults such as delayed submission of preliminary component design by the designer to the people in charge of the assembly may cause too much delay in the delivery of products. A responsible company creates a schedule for different stages of the assembly process to prevent experiencing delays and problems in the production of their products. A good communication within the group must be maintained to prevent committing this mistake.

4.  Insufficient design evaluation

Mistakes in design evaluation can result from making vague policies on the assembly process. The rules for the workflow, from the first product specification up to the final design of the official product, should be defined clearly. By doing this, the workers will be directed and can work more efficiently. The company must let the customers present their views about the product. In this way, the company is letting the customer know that they are still considering further innovations in the product. Any product must be reviewed by the customers or marketing personnel to know if it caters the needs of the people.

5.  Inadequate backup designs

This is one of the common mistakes made by many designers. They should keep backup copies of their work. It is very disappointing if you have already worked in the development of a new product for months and then, your files will be corrupted unexpectedly. Every company must employ a backup system as part of their PCB assembly process. Even the designer working at home must have backup copies of his works to prevent the files from being lost. It will be a waste of time and energy if you will redo your work from scratch.
Prevent yourself from making the same mistakes provided in this article to have a flawless assembly process.


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